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November 11, 2021

Winter Must-Haves in the Workplace

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With cooler weather upon us, you may be looking for ways to make the office as comfortable as possible for your team members. Whether you’re just beginning to transition back into the workplace or you’ve been back for months, it’s important to create an environment where everyone feels at home. From investing in an office coffee service to stocking the breakroom with comforting snacks and beverages, there are plenty of ways to show your employees how much you care. In need of inspiration? Here, we share a few of our favorite winter-must haves for any office.

Warm Beverages For the Breakroom

When the temperature drops, your employees will look forward to sipping something warm at their desk. Those who prefer a jolt of caffeine in the morning (or throughout the day) are sure to appreciate high-quality java options in the breakroom, while others may prefer warm tea or hot cocoa. Supplying these comforting drinks is a simple token of appreciation this winter, and all year round.

Hand-Warming Pouches

It’s difficult to type or perform other office tasks with frozen fingers. Even when the heater is cranked up, hands are notoriously challenging to keep warm on those cold days. Providing employees with hand-warming pouches can help them stay cozy throughout the winter and can encourage breaks throughout the day. If you’re looking for an office-wide gift that team members are likely to use (and love), warming pouches are an excellent choice.

Hand Sanitizer

As we head into flu season and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, hand sanitizer is a must for keeping employees safe this winter. If you’re in need of a restock of hand sanitizer, consider installing hand sanitizing stations in high-traffic areas around the office and in each office or cubicle. When employees cleanse their hands frequently and wear PPE correctly, the possibility of spreading illness will be greatly reduced.

Anti-Slip Mats

If you live in an area that receives heavy snow or rainfall during the winter, anti-slip mats are crucial to help prevent falls. Be sure to place commercial-grade mats placed in areas with low traction and put out wet floor warning signs to reduce the risk of injuries during inclement weather.

When you’re ready to winterize the office, the products mentioned here are ideal for creating a safe and inviting workplace. If you’re interested in subscribing to an office coffee service or purchasing any other supplies or technology solutions, we’re here to help. Please contact us to learn more about what we offer so we can assist you in keeping your office well-stocked with the best supplies.