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April 6, 2021

Calendar Tips for a Productive Workweek

office calendar tips

Whether you’re making the transition into a full-time remote position or working in a traditional office environment, you may be interested in finding office calendar tips to boost your productivity. Managing your calendar efficiently is a key component in working remotely effectively, and here, we share our favorite tips for scheduling management:

Plan Your Week on Sunday

Do you suffer from the “Sunday Scaries”? If so, you’re not alone. LinkedIn reports that 80% of working American adults experience work-related anxiety that begins on the eve of the upcoming workweek. To help combat feelings of anxiety, considering making a roadmap of your upcoming week on Sunday (or any time during the weekend). Setting aside just a few minutes to review your schedule and prioritize tasks may help you feel prepared and ready to tackle the new week.

Review Your Agenda Daily

If you’re a Google Calendar user, you may find it helpful to have your agenda sent to you daily. To start utilizing this feature, simply log into Calendar and navigate to “Settings.” From there, choose the “Settings for my calendar” option, select your name, and choose “Event notifications.” Click “Other notifications,” then select “daily agenda.” Then, choose “email” from the drop-down menu. Enabling this feature will allow your agenda to be sent directly to your inbox for easy review.

Try the 52/17 Rule

A study has found that many of the most productive people put in 52 minutes of productive work, followed by 17 minutes of a break. When planning your day, consider trying this tip and see how it affects your productivity and mood. You may find that after an intensive 52 minutes of working, a 17-minute break is the ideal amount of time to rest and recharge your brain for the next sprint.

Limit Your Tasks

As you plan out your week, it may be tempting to create ambitious to-do lists of everything you’d like to accomplish. As a result, you may fall short on your goals and end up feeling stressed and overwhelmed. To avoid this and set yourself up for success, consider focusing on no more than 3-5 important tasks each day, organized by priority. Structuring your day this way may help you use your time more efficiently and get the most crucial duties accomplished.

Carefully managing your calendar is one of the best things you can do to stay organized and boost your productivity. Following the tips shared here may prove beneficial in working remotely effectively or in the office. When you’re in need of office supplies or technology solutions to support your workflow, our team can help. We offer a wide array of office-related products and services, so please contact us to learn more about how we can improve your work experience.