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July 28, 2020

New Safety Signage Available


If your organization is preparing to have employees return to the workplace, EON has products to help. The following safety signage is currently in stock and available for free, next-day delivery (while supplies last):

Acrylic signs are easy to clean. They are intended for indoor use. Double-sided tape (sold separately) makes it easy to stick to walls, cabinets and other prominent locations.

Item# LLR00258
8″ x 6″ Face Mask Required Sign

Item# LLR00254
8″ x 6″ Hand Sanitizer Sign

Item# LLR00257
8″ x 8″ Stay 6 Feet Away Sign

Item# LLR00253
8″ x 6″ Social-Distancing Sign

Item# LLR00255
8″ x 6″ Hand Washing Guidelines Sign

Item# LLR00252
8″ x 6″ Wash Your Hands Sign

Item# LLR00256
8″ x 6″ Wash Hands Before Leaving Sign

Item: LLR00251
8″ x 6″ Wash Hands Before Returning to Work Sign

Please contact your Account Manager for information about additional products EON can provide for the return to work, including:

•    Safety and social-distancing signage
•    Social-distancing dividers
•    Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes
•    Face masks
•    Toilet paper
•    Bottled water, snacks, and disposable plates/cutlery
•    Paper towels
•    Office furniture including panels and cubicles
•    And much more!

Please note, these items may have limited availability and longer than normal lead times.