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September 30, 2013

New from EON- Secure Shredding Services

Under the new federal FACT Act, businesses are now required to properly destroy consumer information before it is discarded. While shredding your own materials is still an option, you may consider the benefits of using document destruction services to properly dispose of your sensitive documents as well as digital information. EON is now a NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) associate with the ability to destroy your consumer information efficiently and securely according to government guidelines.


  • It’s cheaper! You may be surprised by this, but even small businesses can generate over 100 pounds of paper documents per month – taking hours of time to shred with a flimsy office shredder. Often, this means that documents that should be destroyed are merely discarded to save time and effort.
  • It’s more secure. Employees should generally not be exposed to the bulk of sensitive information that needs to be shredded, and you have no assurance that the materials were handled properly.
  • It’s comprehensive.Not all sensitive materials can be destroyed by a typical office shredder. The labor of removing staples, dismantling binders, and destroying CDs can become prohibitive. EON can destroy these items even handle wiping information from old computers before they are discarded or sold.
  • Records of compliance. In the event of a privacy violation, audit, or complaint you will have documentation that your company is complying with privacy protection laws by using this professional service. We even provide liability insurance in the event of a breach of privacy.
  • It’s good for the environment. All of the paper waste created by the shredding process is recycled-and EON will even accept all non-sensitive paper materials for recycling at no additional cost.
  • We offer plans to fit your needs.EON knows no two businesses are the same, and we can tailor any shredding services to meet the needs of your business.

Interested in our shredding services? Contact your EON account manager to learn more about how we can keep your business running efficiently and securely at a lower cost than your current shredding activities.