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April 23, 2014

March 2010 Newsletter



Did you know that EON offers a complete coffee and breakroom supply solution? Coffee, coffee pots, tea, hot cocoa, plastic and paper goods… we do it all. Let EON manage your breakroom inventory and restock supplies as needed. Focus your time and attention on your business instead of counting sugar packets.Call your Account Manager today to begin building a custom coffee & breakroom program built to meet your specific needs.

Laser Printer Service & RepairOur certified technicians provide printer cleaning, maintenance and repair for laser printers. We service all major brands and offer flexible, customized service along with maintenance programs built to suit your needs. EON offers print output and spend management solutions. We can even maintain and repair wide format printers.• ONLY $85.00 per hour
• Same Day Response
• No Trip Charge within Metro Denver Area

For more information, download this flyer, call 720-570-5400 or contact your Account Manager.

Innovative Furniture

With our design and planning capabilities, we provide custom solutions designed to adapt to your growing business. We strive to meet your unique requirements, whether they involve complicated design and planning, speedy turnaround, or strict cost-containment and budgeting.

Our philosophy is to offer solutions that support productivity, organization, health and comfort – all while providing the image you deserve. We pride ourselves on unparalleled personal service and the idea that we are here to help you, not sell you.

Bite – From Bisley

Bite is a mobile storage unit that wraps around bench desking and work stations, providing not only capacious multi-functional storage, but creating a sense of personal space… read more.