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July 9, 2019

Keeping Your Office Eco-Friendly During the Summer Months

Keeping Your Office Eco-Friendly During the Summer Months

The summer months are great for outdoor activities, but can create challenges when it comes to running a sustainable business. Implementing eco-friendly office practices this summer can help the environment in a big way. Here are some green, alternative ways to foster a sustainable business. 

Turn Off Heat-Generating Objects

All electrical items generate heat. Turn off computers, lights, and other electric-powered hardware that isn’t in use. Consider installing motion triggered lighting in communal areas so lights will turn off automatically when not in use. Moreover, ask employees to turn off their computers at night when finished for the evening so the office can cool down overnight. 

Harness the Sun’s Power

Renewable energy is more accessible than ever. Most energy providers offer a green energy plan that is priced competitively and will be conducive to an eco-friendlier office. This is an easy switch that involves no additional installation; just a bit of shopping around for a green energy provider

Take Advantage of Desk Plants

A little indoor greenery works wonders in boosting morale and cleaning the office air. Indoor plants act as energy-free air filters, so no need to run those air purifiers. Plants also spruce up the office aesthetic and bring the natural world indoors. Easy-to-grow plants such as pothos and various herbs grow very well indoors with indirect sun. 

Encourage Green Commuting

July and August get pretty hot, even during the early morning hours. Commuters may swap their regular bike or walking commute for the car in an effort to stay cool and presentable for the work day. Allow employees to dress more casually during the summer and they’ll be more inclined to bike or walk. Consider hosting a step-tracker competition and offer weekly incentives for the employee with the most steps to encourage walking. 

Keep the Blinds Closed

The sun is your worst enemy when it comes to staying cool indoors. Close the blinds in areas with direct sun and the inside temp will drop immediately. Keep the blinds in shady areas open so the office feels welcoming and airy. 

Utilize Better Office Supplies 

With a database of over 100,000 office supplies to choose from, EON offers a host of eco-friendly supply options. And, our next-day delivery saves you fuel costs and drive time. Using up-to-date technology is more sustainable and eco-friendlier than running old hardware that requires excess energy. EON is your go-to source for name-brand, high-quality technology products that improve office efficiency and reduce waste. 

We provide high-quality office supplies that will help any office encourage productivity and sustainability. To request a quote for your office supply needs, contact us today