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July 30, 2015

How to Work on Vacation (If You Absolutely Have To)

Summer vacations are meant for relaxation, but sometimes our work seems to follow us at all times. A study from Entrepreneur Magazine has found that 60% of people do work while on vacation. Here are some tips to help us through our vacation if we have work that absolutely must be done. 


Specific Work Times  

An important first step if we need to work on vacation is to set a limit for ourselves. We are on vacation for a reason, so it’s important that we use the majority of our time to relax and enjoy ourselves. We can set aside a small block of time to work each day and let our coworkers know of this time frame, so they know when we will be checking in. We should try to limit ourselves to working no more than 2 hours straight, and it’s important to turn off work notifications on our phone.

Keep it Simple  

Ideally we will have somebody covering at least some of our responsibilities while we are away. When we are working, we should stick to simple tasks such as checking emails and following up with certain people. Vacation is no place for long and complex projects, so we should try to delegate as much we can before we leave.

Unplug When It’s Too Much   

It’s important to remember that we are on vacation in order to unwind, and that if we don’t have to work to do, we shouldn’t be forcing it on ourselves! If not checking email or voicemail at all is stressful, then we should at least try to check only once a day. On the other hand, it’s easy to get stressed out if we are checking email or voicemail too much while on vacation. We know instinctively when work is becoming too much on vacation, and at that point need to unplug and enjoy ourselves.

Do you have any tips for balancing work with vacation? We would love to hear them!