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March 20, 2014

How to Reduce Workplace Paper

Paper is one of the items that most builds up and causes office clutter. Can you find the paperwork you need whenever you need it? Here are some simple solutions to reduce workplace paper and stay organized.


 1. Use scanners like the model offered below to store your papers digitally.  Some useful features to consider are wireless capability, OCR (optical character recognition) software which automatically converts your scans to live text, or the ability to run multiple pages at a time. You may also be able to find add-on software to enhance your scanning for free online. Talk to your account manager about which scanners might be best for your office.

Brother DSMobile DS-820W Sheetfed Scanner #BRTDS820W

24-bit Color – 8-bit Grayscale – USB

2. Stay aware of how much paper you are actually using. You may not realize how many pages you could be saving by using digital faxes, electronically signing documents, and sending clients CDs or flash drives of presentations rather than bound papers. If a meeting requires handouts those can easily be transmitted digitally as well.

3. Shred and recycle your old papers to keep them from obscuring more current work. EON offers cheap and efficient recycling solutions if you prefer to not shred yourself, but we also offer many models of shredders that can handle any shredding project. Cross cut shredders like the one below are the most secure, and often come with great rebate offers to save you money.

Fellowes Powershred HD-10Cs Cross-Cut Shredder #FEL3028002


4. Rearrange your office! If papers seem to be piling up or getting lost, examine your filing set up. Do you have organizers for each type of paperwork you deal with? If not, if may be time to consider some better solutions to keep your papers separate and easy to locate.

Safco 3 & 3 Combination Rack Desktop Organizer #SAF3167BL

Browse our online catalog HERE to see what sort of papersaving and organizing devices we offer.