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January 11, 2012

Benefits of plants in the office and other workplace environments

Perhaps one good cure for the office blues is a little bit of green.

According to Psychology Today, the presence of potted plants has been found to provide many benefits when placed in various environments—including the workplace.  In several experiments, plants have been shown to lower blood pressure, increase attentiveness, improve attendance and raise productivity.  They have also been shown to improve one’s perception of the space they are in, and even improve one’s overall well being.

How about a little green for inspiration?  A study by Texas A&M tested people’s workplace ingenuity in different environments.  The study included a workplace with plants and flowers, one with inanimate objects, and one that was vacant.  The study showed that people were more creative around plants.

In another study conducted in a computer lab at Washington State University, subjects who were performing a slightly stressful computer task had their blood pressure lowered after plants were added to the lab.  They also showed a 12% improvement in reaction time on the computer task.

So if you’re feeling down or bored with your barren work space, head out to a local nursery on your lunch break and pick up an uplifting office plant.  Do you have an office plant story of your own? Share it with us! And to find out more about the many benefits of office plants, visit Green Plants for Green Buildings.