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September 8, 2016

How to Easily Turn Your File Cabinets Into Digital Documents

Are you tired of your file cabinets getting bigger and bigger?  Are you tired of that one employee not returning the client folder you need to the right place?  Life would be easier if you could just do a quick search with some keywords and find the exact document you are looking for, like your own private Google search index made just for you.   Now, with Digital OCR technology you can easily do this with a scanner and some software.  The Canon imageFORMULA DR-C225 Sheetfed Scanner does all of this with ease and will take you from the stone ages to the new ages in just minutes.

Not only is the scanner fast (25 pages per minute), but once your documents have been scanned in, you can use the bundled software to OCR your documents & add meta data to them making these documents fully searchable and easily retrievable by adding meta data to each PDF you create and the OCR feature.

Not only can you digitize these documents, but you can also do more with the software, such as:

  • Convert PDF’s into Word, Excel, Powerpoint & WordPerfect Documents
  • Create digital, fillable forms easilyNuance Cloud Connector
  • Combine and Assemble Documents easily into a single format
  • Speak to Text Feature
  • Easily Edit PDF files
  • Create Digital Signatures
  • Compare Document Feature – Detects unauthorized edits
  • Scan to Box, Google Docs™, Windows Live® SkyDrive®, Office 365, Evernote® and Dropbox

And much more!

Scanner Features–

The DR-C225 scanner is ideal for general purpose distributed scanning of a variety of document types. In corporate or remote offices, this scanner is well suited for use by individuals or small workgroups to modernize paper-based processes, helping to increase efficiency and productivity. Many areas, such as legal, financial, healthcare, and government, can benefit from its small size and ease of use. When combined with the bundled software, the DR-C225 scanner can be used for converting documents into editable electronic files; scanning business cards and organizing contacts; file archiving, retrieval, and sharing; PDF creation; and much more.

Canon DR-C225 Scanner

Space Saving Design

With top feeding and default top eject, the DR-C225 scanner has a very small operational footprint. This slim, narrow scanner’s unique upright design is ideal for environments where desk space is at a premium.

Easy Use

By default, the DR-C225 scanner features intuitive front-sideforward, top-up item feeding. It also includes a mode through which a single click can adjust multiple feature settings to easily deliver an optimal scanned image. This scanner is bundled with Windows and Mac drivers for easy integration with third-party scanning software. The bundled Canon CaptureOnTouch software enables users to configure routine scan jobs for quick and easy, one-touch access and can also route scanned images directly to various cloud applications, such as Evernote, Microsoft SharePoint, and Dropbox.


Scanning at up to 25 ppm, both sides of an item at the same time, the DR-C225 scanner can reliably handle a wide variety of document types, such as thick or thin documents and plastic or embossed cards. The DR-C225 scanner also includes features to handle long documents up to 118” in length or oversize documents up to 11” x 17”, and double-feed detection to help ensure no data is lost in the event that one occurs.

High Image Quality

For maximum image quality, the DR-C225 scanner includes features to help improve character legibility, as well as to straighten and remove shadows from scanned images. Another setting is useful for scanning mixed batches of documents and photographs, automatically adjusting the output resolution to help improve image quality while reducing image file size. The DR-C225 scanner can even detect color documents automatically, helping to reduce batch preparation time.

and Do you want to make a digital format out of the hard copy of any document? If you do, OCR (abbreviation for “Optical Character Recognition”) is the technology you need. Optical Character Recognition is a modern technology used for digital replication. The OCR program software does more than simply reading the fonts from scanned documents or digitally captured images – it can recognize line breaks in the document, split up columns, turn images into graphics, allow searching the text by keyword, allow document editing, etc. The process is quite simple, easy to manage, and can take just a few seconds. Some even say that OCR program software can replace a Data Entry service. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to both forms of digitizing content.


If you want to convert a document into an editable digital format, the OCR program software is the best choice. The Optical Character Recognition process can save both time and effort when developing a digital replica of the document. It provides a fast and reliable alternative to typing manually. All you need to do is use an optical scanner or digital camera to turn a document’s hard copy into the digital format. When scanning, always remember to enable the “scan to OCR” option. The OCR program software can convert a document into many different electronic formats, like Microsoft Word, Text (and Rich Text), Excel, and of course, it can also convert scanned PDF documents

All documents created through OCR program software are editable and allow you to modify the content as you see fit. If you compare the cost of OCR with the cost of manual data entry, OCR is a lot cheaper. It is already an indispensable part of most large companies’ office equipment and a valuable technology in industries that are heavily scanning documentation, such as the legal department, financial institutions, government agencies, etc.