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October 12, 2015

How Football Boosts Office Morale

Fall is officially here, and football season is in full swing! While we typically associate football with life outside of work, it can have an impact on our work culture as well. Here are a few ways watching football can help bring an office closer together.


#1: Workplace Fantasy Football Leagues

Fantasy football is immensely popular these days, and there is a good chance some of our coworkers are in a fantasy football league. By creating a workplace fantasy football league, it gives employees a constant opportunity for dialogue and allows them to share in fun and competition. Everyone will want to have bragging rights at work when their team is doing well.

#2: Community 

The nature of sports is to help bring people together with a shared set of beliefs and interests. Through watching football, we can build a sense of camaraderie and all cheer for our respected teams. Football is also great for office viewing parties, inside or outside of our working areas.

#3: Water Cooler Talk 

Visiting the company breakroom can be a bit uncomfortable when one is a new employee or doesn’t know a coworker too well. Football can be a tremendous ice breaker and can bring out a real dialogue between two people who learn they have a shared interest.  Football is also great to discuss before a long meeting to get people more excited about the task at hand.

How does your organization unite through football? We would love to hear about it!