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February 18, 2020

How AI Will Transform the Workplace in 2020

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Although artificial intelligence has recently moved to the forefront of our modern culture and society, the intent to make intelligent machines has been around since the 50s. Since then, scientists have focused on creating computers that would use logic and reason to solve problems, communicate, and learn.

AI has come a long way since its early days and is far less scary than pop culture movies, books, and television shows would have us believe. For the modern office, AI has changed the game, and will continue to do so as we move further into 2020. Eventually, artificial intelligence programs will become a crucial part of any business – as important as pens, sticky notes, and other traditional office supplies. Here are some useful ways to implement artificial intelligence in your office space to increase productivity, retain employees, and accurately track data.

Streamline Hiring

The task of finding quality employees can often be arduous and time-consuming. With so many potentially great hires in the marketplace, sifting through dozens of resumes, fact checking, calling references, and scheduling interviews can take on the trappings of a full-time job. However, burgeoning AI programs offer businesses relief. Their dynamic programs will select candidates most suited to the prerequisite qualifications, saving your HR department precious time and energy. They can also implement your business’ specific recruiting process, parse resumes to pull only necessary information, and send pre-screening assignments. Fill your company with the best candidates using the assistance of AI.

Delegate Tedious Tasks

Much of the workday is occupied with routine tasks like answering customer service inquiries, combing through reports, performing audits, or even checking expense reports. As artificial intelligence improves, more tech companies are launching programs that can save employees the hassle of mundane tasks, liberating their time for critical problem solving or creative work. Currently, many AI programs on the market have the ability to answer customer service requests, complete return forms, schedule deliveries, and more.

Initiate Customer Interaction

When potential clients visit a company’s website, they often arrive with questions or comments. AI computer programs are able to interact with that customer, respond to inquiries, and educate the client about the business or service. Instead of designating a customer service team to answer online inquiries day in and day out, AI can respond to initial requests and funnel the potential client to the appropriate team member.

Increase Sales

Sales teams rely on new business pipelines to generate leads, build a book of business, and make sales. However, drumming up contacts, identifying legitimate leads, and cold calling can take the lion’s share of a sales member’s workday. Now, AI has the ability to create lead lists with the best possible leads. It can tell the salesperson what to prioritize and what to set on the back burner for a slow day. Companies like Glassdoor and Pandora are already implementing this software to boost their own sales.

Easily Track Hours and Work

For companies that bill clients hourly, time sheets can be tedious and time-consuming. However, tracking hours and activities is crucial for transparency between the business and the client. AI software programs now have the ability to autonomously track employees’ computer activity and record tasks in a time sheet, so the employee no longer needs to stop their workflow. Automatic time tracking can also help companies boost profitability and productivity in their professional service.

The future is here, and artificial intelligence is paving the way to a more efficient workplace. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from utilizing certain AI programs and may see increases in productivity, profitability, and creativity. Freeing up employees from routine tasks allows them to focus on growing the business, improving their skills, and thinking outside of the box.

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