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January 12, 2021

Tips for a Low-Stress Remote Learning Experience

homeschool supplies must haves Tips for a Low-Stress Remote Learning Experience

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause widespread concerns, remote learning has become commonplace in many areas of the country. Parents, caregivers, and teachers are often under significant pressure as they help students navigate these changes (and adapt themselves). If you’re a parent or guardian hoping to help your students succeed with virtual learning, being equipped with all the homeschooling supplies you need is a must. Here, we share tips to help your household continue to adjust to remote learning.

Find Ways to Reduce Distractions

Learning from the comfort of home can be challenging regardless of your child’s unique personality traits. When students are surrounded by their favorite toys or devices, it can be challenging to focus on learning. Although it may not be possible to create a distraction-free environment while working from home, you can help reduce them by offering noise-canceling headphones or blocking time-wasting sites during school hours.

Utilize Free Resources

Remote learning may reduce opportunities for one-on-one tutoring with your child’s teacher. If your student needs a little extra support to master certain subjects, there are many free resources available to try. Khan Academy Kids has free programs available for elementary math and science, while CommonLit offers support for middle school level ELA and social studies. To explore more complimentary resources, please visit this site.

Make a Checklist Each Day

It’s no surprise that many caregivers are struggling to balance the demands of remote learning with other daily tasks. Managing remote learners of any age can be an unexpected challenge, especially when you’re working outside the home or juggling other responsibilities. To reduce stress for both you and your student, consider making a daily checklist of tasks that must be accomplished. This will help you and your student to have a clear understanding of each day’s priorities and expectations. Setting aside time after the school day to make a checklist may seem like a hassle, but it often saves a lot of stress for all involved.

Although vaccines have been approved by the FDA, the pandemic is expected to continue well into 2021. Remote learning may become a normal part of life, so exploring the tips mentioned here may help your household navigate the challenges of virtual schooling. In addition to setting a schedule and reducing distractions, ensuring that your child has essential homeschooling supplies is a critical component of staying organized for a successful school year. We offer a host of must-have supplies for both remote learning and educational facilities, and we’re happy to help you find exactly what your students need. To learn more about our educational products, please contact our team.