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October 30, 2023

Green Office Practices: Sustainable Supplies and Eco-Friendly Tips

Green Office

Green Office

In today’s world, sustainability and environmental responsibility are no longer optional for businesses. They are a necessity. One area where companies can make a significant impact is their office practices, starting with the choice of green office supplies. 

Why Green Office Practices Matter

Green office practices go beyond being a trendy buzzword. They represent a tangible way for businesses to contribute to a healthier planet. Here are some key reasons why adopting these practices is essential:

  1. Reduce waste: Eco-friendly supplies often come with minimal packaging and longer product lifespans, reducing waste generation in your office.
  2. Conserve resources: Sustainable office supplies are typically made from recycled or renewable materials, helping to preserve natural resources for future generations.
  3. Lower energy consumption: Products requiring less energy to manufacture and operate can lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  4. Enhance brand image: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability can boost your company’s reputation, attracting environmentally conscious customers and employees.

Eco-Friendly Tips for Businesses

In addition to selecting sustainable office supplies, here are some eco-friendly tips for businesses looking to further reduce their environmental impact:

  • Implement a recycling program: Set up a comprehensive recycling program in the office, ensuring proper disposal of paper, plastics, and electronics.
  • Reduce energy consumption: Encourage employees to turn off lights, computers, and other equipment when not in use. Consider investing in programmable thermostats to optimize heating and cooling.
  • Promote telecommuting: Allow employees to work from home when feasible, reducing the need for office space and commuting.
  • Use natural light: Make the most of natural light sources to reduce reliance on artificial lighting.
  • Encourage digital documents: Promote paperless processes and digital documentation to minimize paper usage.

Turning to Green Office Suppliers

Choosing an office supplier that is committed to green practices is one of the easiest steps you can take on your path to sustainable business practices. Such a supplier takes the guesswork out of procuring eco-friendly supplies for your office. In fact, it becomes your partner in the effort. At EON Office Supply, we believe in the power of sustainability, and we’re here to help your organization reduce its carbon footprint while maintaining a well-equipped workspace.

EON’s Commitment to Sustainability

At EON, we’re passionate about giving back to our community, protecting the environment, and practicing good corporate citizenship. That’s why we’ve established our Think Green program, offering a comprehensive range of eco-friendly products and services to support your sustainability goals.

Here are some of the ways we “Think Green”:

  • Earth-friendly products: Choose from our selection of over 4000 eco-friendly office supplies, cleaning products, and break room essentials.
  • Nature Saver® private label line: Enjoy everyday low prices on our Nature Saver® line of Earth-friendly products.
  • Recycling services: We collect and recycle empty toner and inkjet cartridges, paper, technology products, and more.
  • Managed print services: Optimize your printer usage and minimize power consumption with our Managed Print Services.
  • Consolidated delivery options: Reduce carbon emissions by opting for consolidated deliveries.
  • Internal recycling: We recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, and glass within our own operations.
  • Minimal packaging: We reuse cardboard boxes and minimize packaging in our deliveries.
  • Continuous product expansion: We’re constantly adding environmentally friendly products to our catalog.

To learn more about EON’s Think Green program or our Earth-friendly product offerings, please contact us. We’re committed to helping you make environmentally responsible choices and create a more sustainable and eco-conscious workplace for a better tomorrow.


Green office practices and eco-friendly office supplies are no longer trends. They’re essential components of responsible business operations. By choosing sustainable office supplies and implementing eco-friendly tips, businesses can significantly reduce their environmental footprint while also enjoying a positive brand image and cost savings.

Join us in our mission to protect our planet while improving the efficiency and sustainability of your office. Contact us today, and be a part of the change for a better tomorrow. Together, we can make a difference.