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December 17, 2019

How Businesses Can Be Greener in 2020

sustainable business denver 2020

Implementing green practices within your business will lower your company’s environmental impact while generating a positive social impact. Some companies believe that switching to more environmentally-friendly practices is a daunting task. However, there are a few simple hacks that can dramatically decrease your footprint and foster more sustainable business practices. Here’s how to be greener in the new year.

Provide Convenient Disposal Options

Staff will be more inclined to dispose of trash in the proper receptacles when it’s easy and convenient to do so. Our environmentally conscious state provides plenty of recycling, composting, and waste disposal companies that focus on reducing trash. Sustainable office supplies, like compostable and recyclable cups, compostable utensils, and napkins made from recycled material are affordable and can be scheduled for routine delivery, so you’ll never run out. Go one step further and reuse any composting waste in a spring and summer garden to cultivate fresh, healthy vegetables.

Encourage Reusable Items

With the holidays and end of the calendar year in our midst, now is a great time to provide your staff with environmentally-friendly gifts. Unique lunch boxes, insulated water bottles, and coffee tumblers and thermoses make fantastic stocking stuffers or secret Santa gifts that are just as enjoyable to receive as they are to use.

Cut Out Energy Waste

Examine the office to detect unnecessary energy usage. Turn off computers that are not being utilized. Install motion activated lighting in common areas of the office and make sure bulbs are LED to maximize efficiency. Set the HVAC system on a timer so it adjusts to a comfortable temperature before employees arrive to work and lower it each evening before heading home for the day.

Promote Carpooling and Public Transit

Many companies offer their staff public transportation stipends to reduce automotive emissions and free up parking. This affordable and gracious incentive is easy to implement and will help employees use less of their resources on gas and car maintenance. During the hottest months of the year, encourage carpooling by offering incentives to employees who ride share.

Upgrade and Donate Electronics

Donate any outdated or unused electronic equipment taking up precious storage space in the workplace. Certain large donations can act as a tax write-off and you’ll save money by not paying for disposal of hazardous materials. Schools, children in need, and nonprofit organizations may benefit from your unneeded computers, keyboards, and other hardware. Plus, you’ll have more room to upgrade to energy-efficient, streamlined technology when the time is right.

Apply for LEED Certification

Now more than ever, companies have a variety of options available to promote sustainable and healthy work environments. Working toward LEED Certification is one important way that companies can implement green initiatives and changes throughout their physical workspace and office atmosphere. Read more about LEED Certification here.

EON provides an array of environmentally-friendly office, breakroom and facility supplies to help companies take the next step in becoming a more sustainable business. We appreciate the responsibility that companies have in improving our communities and our planet. Our office supply delivery service may be scheduled regularly so you’ll never run out of high-quality products. Contact us today to learn more.