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December 20, 2018

Game-Changing Digital Tools for Your Team

Digital Tools

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When it comes to maximizing your business’s productivity, the right software can make all the difference. From internal communications to customer relationship management to document sharing, cutting edge digital technology can increase your efficiency and ensure that nothing is overlooked. Here are some game-changing digital tools for your team.

Google Drive

Google Drive is best known as a personal storage platform closely linked with Gmail, but this software also allows for multi-user storage and sharing. This is achieved through Team Drives — shared spaces where team members can be added, removed, and given 5 different access levels. Depending on access, your team can view, comment, edit, and move files within the Drive. This software is simple but highly effective and intuitive.


Insightly is a software suite dedicated to customer relationship management. This dynamic package specializes in tracking and growing your business with clients. The software utilizes emails, sales records, and customer data to create a map of relationships between a specific client and their colleagues and partners. This allows you to identify more avenues for business by better understanding the overall community of your customers. Insightly also tracks and highlights sales opportunities through a dynamic process called “lead routing.” In essence, whenever a business lead arises via email, phone, or meeting, the software automatically directs relevant information to your sales team, ensuring that no opportunity goes unchecked. Furthermore, the software creates detailed tracking reports of client orders and deliveries.


Quip is a document platform that specializes in real-time collaborative editing. Instead of sending edited versions of the same file back and forth through email, this software presents a single copy of the article to your entire team. Edits are reflected to the entire team as they’re made, giving you the ability to keep the current document updated, organized, and available to everyone. For businesses that are consistently modifying files used by numerous employees, Quip is invaluable.


Slack is a communications software available for desktop and mobile platforms. This suite of tools refines your team interactions down to an efficient, easy-to-use interface where work conversations are organized and documented for future use. Side threads between small or large groups of team members can be seamlessly added to discuss specific components of a project without detracting from the larger conversation. Secure file sharing is integrated into the software, allowing team members to easily exchange key documents within each thread. Slack allows for crossover with over 1,500 apps to make things that much easier.


Trello is an easy-to-use organizational tool for teams of all sizes. The software utilizes electronic notecards that can be accessed by team members of your choosing. Often used as to-do lists, these cards are multi-faceted, allowing for attachments, checklists, and comments. All changes and discussions are reflected in real time through a notification system that remains in sync across multiple devices and platforms. This helpful tool gives you an up-to-date look on the task progress of your team, wherever you are.

Software that keeps your entire team up-to-date and on-point is vital for maximum efficiency and productivity. Fortunately, the days of limited and hard-to-use digital tools are gone, paving the way for intuitive programs that are easy to implement and understand. At EON, we maintain a similar approach, ensuring that all of your office needs are met with products and services that are simple to understand. Contact us today, and learn how we can help amplify the efficiency of your business.