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February 8, 2023

Four Branded Products Your Business Needs

branded products promotional items for business

In our increasingly digital world, many businesses are forgoing tangible branded products. Although it’s true that your online presence is crucial, physical products such as apparel, business cards, and signage are still important. Studies have shown that branding remains critical in helping consumers feel connected with a company, so offering branded products is a simple (and effective) strategy. With EON as your business supply partner, it’s a breeze to stock up on the products you need to showcase your brand. We can personalize a plethora of office supply products, including the options we share below: 

Business Cards

Whether you’ve recently launched your business or your brand has been around for decades, never underestimate the importance of business cards. You may be surprised to learn that business cards are among the most valuable and cost-effective marketing tools out there. A well-designed card is another facet of your brand’s presence, and can create a positive first impression for potential clients. 

Corporate Gifts

Networking with your community can be beneficial for all involved. Attending events in your area or hosting giveaways can be helpful in forging new relationships, so it’s a great idea to have branded corporate gifts on hand. Whether your business will be attending a community gathering or hosting a giveaway for customers, useful items like pens, tumblers, or keychains with your company name and logo make excellent gifts. 


Branded apparel is a great way to advertise your brand and encourage customers to show their appreciation. Consider creating one signature apparel piece, or offer more diverse options like hats, hoodies, and jackets; you’re likely to enjoy an impressive return on investment. Compared to other forms of marketing, apparel creation is low cost and still incredibly effective in building brand recognition.


Signage remains one of the most powerful ways to spread the word about specials, company news, and upcoming events. If you need to supplement your virtual strategy, eye-catching signage is an excellent option. Like other forms of promotional products, signage should be designed with your brand identity in mind (while ensuring that it’s highly visible and legible). 

Although a company’s online presence is vital, other forms of marketing should be included in a comprehensive campaign. In some instances, the most simple solution is also the most effective. When you’re on the search for ways to build brand recognition and connect with your customers, consider investing in branded office supply products. At EON, we can assist you with every step of the process. We offer an impressive selection of products and services, including printing services, customized promotional products, signage, letterhead, embroidered apparel, and more. We can even assist with graphic design to ensure that your new branded products meet and exceed your expectations. When you’re ready to learn more about how we can help, please contact our team.