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March 3, 2020

Essential Products Every Classroom Should Have


In a teacher’s world, no two days are the same. The mood of the classroom, the temperament of the students, and the range of lesson plans are constantly changing. Educators may better prepare for the unexpected by having certain essential items and educational products on hand. Here’s our list of must-haves for every modern classroom.

Art Supplies

As classrooms and education shift from the physical realm to an online platform, it’s crucial to implement creative and tactile activities. Art supplies – such as colored pencils, markers, paints, easel pads, and sketch books – encourage students to think outside the box. During free time, classmates can engage with each other through drawing, painting or sketching. Art supplies spark the imagination, inspiring innovation and ingenuity, which help bolster performance in other subjects.

Cleaning Products

With constant classroom activity, things are bound to get messy. Keep everything clean and sanitary with safe and effective cleaning supplies. Have wipes and paper towels accessible so you may clean up spills, dirt, and grime quickly and easily. Encourage students to take pride in cleaning and organizing their desks, communal spaces, and play areas. Implement a rotating chore chart in which classroom cleaning duties shift from student to student as the year progresses.

Desk Organizers

Leading a classroom may sometimes feel akin to running a small business. Teachers are responsible for the safety, well-being, and education of many students on a daily basis. Establishing a solid system for filing, cataloging, and organizing can keep things running smoothly. Utilize desk and drawer organizers to keep your workspace neat and tidy. Quickly access necessary items like first-aid kits, lesson plans, and classroom keys by making sure everything remains in its assigned location with multi-tiered organizers, file folders, and other innovative organizational products.

Storage Solutions

Kids come with many miscellaneous items in tow. Backpacks, lunchboxes, water bottles, winter clothing, and more may end up on the floor, or lost, if your classroom doesn’t have ample storage space. Standing cabinets, cubbies, and vertical organizers can help kids keep track of personal effects. Pocket organizers that hang on chair backs are great for housing smaller school supplies like pens, pencils, calculators, and scissors. Designating certain areas as landing zones for homework, notes from home, and absent work assists students in taking charge of their own organization and saves teachers from additional questions about where certain things need to go.

Student Supply Center

It’s easy to lose track of your three-hole punch, stapler, or tape when generously lending them out. Instead, stock a student supply center full of miscellaneous items like extra pairs of scissors, glue, paperclips, and more. That way, learners can easily access what they need without having to take up your time or risk misplacing items you use to run the classroom.

Educators know that a successful classroom hinges on creating a calm and organized environment that cultivates learning, growth, and progress. Having the proper supplies and educational products keeps a classroom running smoothly. At EON Office, we take pride in helping teachers get the job done by providing superb school and classroom supplies. Take advantage of our free next-day delivery and our easy-to-use online ordering and remove one more item from that long to-do list. Contact us today to learn more!