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October 27, 2011

EON Boardroom & Design Department

EON’s boardroom & design department were recently redesigned. The goal for the boardroom was to create a modern, soothing conference space that corresponds with the corporate identity of our company. The walls are polished a sophisticated blue and are offset with a blend of truffle wood and laminate finishes in the table, buffet and wall-mount unit. The feel is completed with complimenting camel-colored leather chairs, and the result is an ideal space for formal/informal presentations and meetings.

EON Environments’ Design Department space was inspired by the white and espresso color trend, accented with frosted glass and textiles in a luscious grass-green hue. Optimal storage placement gives EON’s designers access to a complete library of fabrics & finishes. As EON embraces sustainability in our everyday designs, we maintain that same commitment to healthy and environmentally-friendly furnishings in our own offices.

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