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February 19, 2016

Creating a Collaborative Office Space

Collaborative workspaces reflect a design trend that has been around for quite a while. The goal is to create an environment that encourages team involvement, and for colleagues to share information within a common space.  More and more companies are seeing the added benefit of collaboration within the workplace.

Here are some key tips in making your office more collaborative.

  • Open Spaces. Keep your floorplan open and clean. Take down the cubicle walls and bring desks closer together. This will encourage interactions between employees which can be great for brainstorming.
  • More common areas. Provide multiple break rooms for employees to get away from their desks. Add more huddle rooms and casual meeting spaces for small groups to gather.
  • Different work spaces for different work situations. Some spaces may require whiteboards or projectors. Offer a few options where employees can gather with the tools they need to be successful.
  • Mobility. Encourage employees to switch desks on a regular basis to help build strong networks between people and projects.
  • Communication. Share with employees the benefits of having a collaborative environment. Some may feel it’s a way to monitor them. Make sure employees understand the purpose is to help inspire new ideas and nurture a strong company culture.

Contact our design team at Environments Denver for more information about creating collaborative workplaces.

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