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August 20, 2019

Why Using the Right Computer Accessories is So Important

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For the modern business professional, most work days are spent at a desk using the computer and/or telephone. Utilizing innovative, ergonomic office accessories can have a huge impact on our physical health and overall work performance. EON Office understands the importance of employing the best computer accessories in each work space to aid staff well-being and increase productivity. Here are modern and functional computer, desk, and phone accessories and methods for implementing them in your current office setup.

Ergonomic Designs Have Improved

In the past, office supplies came in a one-size-fits-all style so that they could be incorporated across multiple industries for varying roles. In today’s environment, office suppliers are becoming increasingly concerned and savvy regarding employee health and well-being.

To prevent eye strain, muscle cramps, and poor posture, office staff can employ document holders, headsets, and adjustable monitor stands. Each of these encourages correct posture to prevent back, neck, or wrist injuries. Cordless mice and ergonomic keyboards also help prevent workplace injury by eliminating tension on the arms, hands, and wrists. These office supplies are easy to source and exchange, but make the difference in employee comfort.

Increased Productivity

Remaining in a seated position for hours on end can increase fatigue and discomfort, which can lead to decreased productivity. Utilizing a standing desk promotes blood flow and increases energy levels, in turn fostering work place efficiency. It’s fairly simple to make the switch from a standard desk to a standing desk, and your business may even earn more revenue from the swap.

Adding a second, or even a third monitor can help employees work smarter, not harder. Flipping back and forth between email, computer programs, and software systems takes time and can increase the possibility for distraction. Additional monitors allow staff to create a work station that better fits the task at hand, instead of creating workarounds to accomplish the activity.

Added Security

With virtually all client, employee, and operational information stored online, businesses must implement multiple fail-safe systems in case of technology failure or a security breach. Store information on multiple back-up hard drives and keep client information in secure locations both on and off line. Host regular security meetings with employees to ensure that each is adhering to strict security protocol in order to safeguard against hacks, failures, and breaches.

Outdated, poorly designed monitors, towers, and keyboards can force users to crane, slouch, or squint overtime, causing the user to suffer physically, not to mention hinder performance and decrease productivity. EON Office knows that implementing the correct computer accessories can make all the difference. We offer superior office supplies and technology-focused accessories that are modern, ergonomic, and easy to incorporate into your current office setup. For all of your office supply and design needs, give us a call today!