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December 7, 2021

Our 2021 Booklist for Startups

books for startups

If you have an idea in mind for a business or you’re at the helm of a startup company, you may be interested in learning all you can about how to ensure that your endeavor is successful. There’s a lot involved in running a new business, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran at getting startups off the ground or this is your first foray into this fast-paced way of life, turning to books can help you gain valuable insight. From managing remote employees to navigating the high stakes decision-making process, the books we share here are books that are worth adding to your reading list if you’re involved with a startup:

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

When you’re just getting started, you may not have access to copious capital. In The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, you’ll learn how to operate more efficiently to conserve resources. The author outlines a variety of strategies to help you leverage talent and creativity while also offering insight on how to stay agile.

Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent by Sydney Finkelstein

Although the ability to persuade investors is a critical component of launching your startup, finding and maintaining talent may be even more important. The best bosses bring out the best in each team member and inspire others to reach new heights. For those hoping to become a leader whom others can’t help but look up to, Superbosses is a can’t-miss read.

Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street

You know that finding the right fit for the job is important, but it can be challenging to sift through candidates to find someone who shines. Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street offers deeper insight into the hiring process and offers a four-step method to ensure you end up with the perfect fit. Every member of the team has a role to play in the success of your startup, and this book is invaluable for ensuring that you hire with confidence.

Leading at the Speed of Growth by Katherine Catlin and Jana Matthews

As the leader of a fledgling company, one of the most exciting feats is when that business begins to take off. However, you’ll need to have an understanding of sustainable growth in order to stay on the right trajectory. Leading at the Speed of Growth walks you through the stages of initial growth, rapid growth, and continuous growth to provide a game plan for long-term, sustainable success.


Managing a startup company has the potential to be an exciting and rewarding career path. If you’re looking forward to leading to the best of your ability, the books we share here will help you hone your skills and sharpen your business acumen. Whether you’re looking for tips on managing remote employees or navigating the various stages of the startup lifecycle, you’ll find valuable advice and perspectives within these pages. In addition to effective leadership and operations, high-quality office supplies and technology solutions are essential for any business. We have everything you’ll need here at EON, so please contact us to learn more about how we can help. If you have any questions or would like assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.