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July 29, 2020

Air Purifiers Available

air purifiers

If your organization has employees returning to the workplace, EON has products to help. AeraMax Professional commercial grade air purifiers are currently available for special-order. Please contact your Account Manager for pricing and availability.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 forces us to reimagine the meaning of a safe facility. A complete hygiene solution should combine air, surface and hand cleaning to fully protect against person-to-person virus transmission. AeraMax Professional commercial grade air purifiers provide maximum protection and ultimate peace of mind with True HEPA filers that can capture 99.97% of all airborne contaminants, including airborne viruses*. Clean the air you share with AeraMax Professional from Fellowes Brands.

*The AeraMax Professional Air Purifier was demonstrated to be effective in reducing airborne concentrations of influenza A aerosol in a test chamber, reaching 99.9% airborne virus reduction within the first 35 min of operation. Click here for full product brochure.

Please contact your Account Manager for information about additional products EON can provide for the return to work, including:

•    Safety and social-distancing signage
•    Social-distancing dividers
•    Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes
•    Face masks
•    Toilet paper
•    Bottled water, snacks, and disposable plates/cutlery
•    Paper towels
•    Office furniture including panels and cubicles
•    And much more!

Please note, these items may have limited availability and longer than normal lead times.