Vice President of Operations John Kittle

Photo of John Kittle

As EON’s Vice President of Operations, John Kittle oversees the company’s delivery, warehousing and facilities operations.

John first began his career in the office supply industry at Arapahoe Office Supply in 1983, where he was the General Manager. He began working for Vass and Lynne Sirpolaidis at Mile High Office Supply in 1990 and spent over 10 years at Mile High and, subsequently, US Office Products.

John is one of the original members of EON’s management team, and has been with the company for almost 17 years. He is the unofficial chef of EON barbecues, and loves to cook dinner at home for his wife. He enjoys traveling, especially to the ocean, as well as exercising and spending time outdoors around his home in the beautiful foothills of Colorado.