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Vice President of Technology Sales Adria Abeyta

Photo of Adria Abeyta

Adria Abeyta Professional Experience

With a career spanning more than 23 years in the copier and technology industry, Adria brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to EON’s technology division.

After starting her career with Lewan & Associates in 2001,  Adria held key leadership roles with Xerox, guided by a philosophy of integrity, empathy, and strategic thinking.  She excels in building collaborative cultures where every team member feels valued while cultivating strong client relationships.

Adria joined EON in May of 2024, with a primary focus on driving organizational growth and fostering a culture of excellence in the technology category. A visionary leader known for inspiring teams and driving transformative change, Adria is known for her commitment to excellence and a talent for fostering innovation.

Personal Interests

Outside of her professional role, Adria enjoys travel, boating, and relaxing on her porch with a good book. Her main source of enjoyment is spending time with her husband and three adult children.