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January 21, 2020

5 Workplace Resolutions for 2020

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New Year’s resolutions often focus on health, fitness, or finances. In addition, it may be wise to focus on improving your work life by setting one or two goals to tackle in 2020. It may even be fun to give your staff the option to post workplace goals in a communal area so coworkers may provide support and encouragement throughout the year. Here are some fantastic and simple resolutions to help your team kick 2020 into gear.

Pack Healthy Lunches

Instead of ducking out midday to grab a bite at a local restaurant, wake up ten minutes earlier to pack a nourishing lunch. Better yet, prep your meal the night before, or each Sunday evening (for the entire week) so you can easily grab a healthy lunch on your way out the door. Bringing your own food is not only good for your body, but easier on your wallet as well. Invite coworkers to join in on this resolution and plan a celebratory lunch out one day a week. If you typically spent ten dollars each day on a sandwich or salad, you’ll save yourself an extra $160 each month — that’s $1,920 of savings a year!

Plan Active Breaks

Squeezing in a workout before or after a full day at the office doesn’t always happen as planned. However, scheduling small active breaks throughout the day can really add up. Instead of eating lunch with coworkers, plan to hit a nearby gym a few times a week. Pack activewear the night before so you’ll have no excuse to skip. Alternatively, take a run or walk to burn calories and keep your metabolism up. Twice a week, opt to swap out your coffee break for a quick fifteen-minute core workout, which can be done in the comfort of your own office.

Work Toward a Promotion

Invest in yourself and your future by working toward a promotion. Consider scheduling continuing education classes and additional licensure tests. Inform your boss about your intended goals and collaborate on a game plan to move up within the company. Inquire about your strengths and weaknesses, then work on improving where needed. Host your own informal lunch-and-learn sessions by utilizing educational products or asking seasoned coworkers to teach the less experienced staff more about the company or industry.

Get to Know Your Coworkers

We spend much of our week at work. While we often create communities within our neighborhoods and social circles, we may miss out on being a part of a positive and supportive workgroup. Invite coworkers you don’t know well for coffee or a walk during lunch, or participate in social events that foster the company’s culture. Work friends have the ability to inspire, support, and embolden us to take our career to new heights.

Host Social Events that Promote the Company’s Culture

Business owners, presidents, and administrators are often charged with creating and fostering a lively and engaging company culture. Depending on your business’s culture, host events around that theme or idea. Invite staff to bring their families to an after-hour event like game night, bowling, or a sports game. If you’d like to expand your operation, host a meet and greet at a brewery or dining hall by inviting potential new talent to chat with current employees about the business.

The Power of a Happy Work-Life Balance

A harmonious workplace lifestyle will infuse other areas of your life with happiness, thus creating a more positive, healthy balance. Invest in educational products that will expand your knowledge, commit to physical fitness, and save money this year. To learn more about affordable office supplies, contact us today!