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November 29, 2015

5 Halloween Treats for the Office

Yippee – Halloween is almost here and it’s time to have a party at the office! What better way can we celebrate this holiday than with some delicious Halloween themed snacks!? Here are 5 awesome treats this year that will be so good, they will be scary.

Pumpkin Cheese Balls


Cheese balls are a delicious mini snack, and now they are even more fun when they are coated with a little paprika and garnished with a green scallion.

Spider Deviled Eggs


A creepy and crawly snack that is equally delightful and distinctive.

Mummy Dogs


These hot dogs will deliver a great flavor as they are trapped in a mouthwatering crescent roll.

Witch Hat Cookies


These cookies will be so good, you will want to fly around on a broomstick.

What is your favorite Halloween-themed snack at the office? We would love to hear about it!