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March 10, 2015

5 Computer Apps for Enhanced Focus

The internet can be an amazing resource, but it can also be a major distraction in the workplace. There is no shortage of websites that can either help us achieve the task at hand, or make us forget what we came to accomplish in the first place. To deliver our best work, we need to make sure our minds are not adrift and that we can hone in on pertinent thoughts. Here are 5 computer applications designed with the sole purpose to boost our focus and attention span at work.

Stay Focus Note

#1: RescueTime

Do you ever wish you could break down an 8-hour day at work and know exactly how much time you spent on everything? ¬†RescueTime does exactly this, and breaks down all of your habits in a day’s work. It will let you know just how much time you spent in meetings, on your email, looking at Facebook, etc. If you want to change how you spend your days, a good first step is to see a detailed breakdown of how you are distributing your workload.

#2: RainyMood

Some people are able to focus better when they hear calming sounds and ambient noise. Meet RainyMood, a website designed for comfort and to make you believe rain is falling right outside your window. If you believe rain makes everything better, than this website is for you. If you prefer the busy sounds of a coffee shop, then also check out Cofftivity.

#3: Time Out

Chances are there aren’t people reminding you to take refreshing breaks throughout the day. Time Out by Dejal will run in the background while you work, and will serve as your reminder to take a break every so often. You get complete control over how many reminders you would like, and how long you’d like your break to be.

#4: Self-Control

Self control can be hard to maintain online. Sure, you can do research online for hours, but there are websites like Twitter that can be very detrimental to your focus and staying true to the task at hand. With Self-Control, you can tell the internet which websites you trust yourself with, and those which you can not afford to explore. No need to turn off your internet connection when you have Self-Control!

#5:Focus Booster

Sometimes there are so many things on one’s to-do list that it’s hard to know where to start. The aim of Focus Booster is to help you focus on ONE activity for 25 minutes, and then have a 5 minute break. Here you can upload your daily tasks and ensure that one by one, you’ll get them done – while also giving your mind some needed breaks!

Do you have any app suggestions or techniques to maintain greater focus during the workday? Share them with us!